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Why Uptime?

Hazard Exposure

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Uptime is an intuitive hazard intelligence software platform, designed to help you visualise risk, identify hazards as they develop, and understand, predict and mitigate their impact.

By combining historical data, real-time monitoring and future modelled data with deep asset and engineering insights, Uptime delivers a complete view of the locations, assets and suppliers you depend on – helping you improve your business continuity and resilience strategies, while minimising downtime.

A clearer view of tomorrow, for a rapidly-changing world

Every day, the impacts of climate change become clearer. Hazardous weather events are becoming both more frequent and more severe. For people managing, controlling, or investing in assets and business infrastructure, that’s huge cause for concern.

Now, it’s up to organisations to safeguard their assets and processes against the impacts of environmental hazards – and ensure that if disaster strikes, they can continue operating as usual.

With Uptime, we’ve created an intuitive set of tools that provides you with insight that helps you respond to those challenges easier. 

Deep hazard visibility and preventative insight for everyone

With Uptime, our mission is simple. We want to make our deep engineering and hazard expertise available to you on a global scale, so you can predict and understand the hazards that can impact key assets and business processes anywhere in the world. We want to enable you to take the right preventative actions at the right time, make informed risk decisions, and safeguard business continuity, minimising your downtime. To achieve that, we’re working closely with our partners and early-stage clients to continuously improve and refine the platform. If you’re interested in a unique opportunity to co-create Uptime and help us make the platform the best it can be, talk to us today

An evolving platform, providing you with hazard intelligence on a global scale

Uptime is designed to enable anyone with an interest or stake in an asset, business process, or any location in the world to fully understand, monitor and predict the hazards they are exposed to. It’s equipped to support:

Risk identification and assessment

Improved business continuity

Future scenario planning


Adding hazard intelligence to your business resilience

Our world is changing. Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and more disruptive, impacting business operations and critical assets.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we’ve created a new way to share decades of risk mitigation and business continuity insights at a global scale.

Find out how in our new whitepaper.


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