How it works

How Uptime works

Uptime is designed to enable you to understand and visualise hazard exposure and associated asset risks. But we understand that not everybody requires the same depth of detail.

To ensure that you can access all the insight you need – without being distracted by features and analysis you don’t need – we’ve engineered Uptime to be highly scalable, offering four levels of details to suit every kind of user and organisation.

We provide the knowledge about the environment, it’s hazards and the asset’s vulnerability. You assess and provide more detail where needed.

Together we calculate the risk for each asset, for the portfolio and for the value chain.

A level of detail to meet every need

With Uptime, you only use the level of detail and capability you need. We currently offer four levels of service through the platform:


With Awareness access, you can view all hazards worldwide – giving you a complete view of developing risks, and areas prone to disruption.


With Assess access, you can map your own, your supplier’s or customer assets against global hazard data and start building a complete view of hazard exposure across your value chain. Assess is the ideal access level for organisations currently unable to monitor all their critical assets continuously.


Act access enables organisations to accurately assess risk across their asset portfolio and analyse the potential operational and financial disruption that could be caused by an emerging hazard – taking into account hazard exposure, the asset’s vulnerability and the values of asset types globally.


Optimise includes complete hazard coverage, the ability to map and analyse up to thousands of assets, and the tools you need to proactively mitigate risk. We’ll be adding scenario modelling capabilities to help you fully understand the potential impacts of the hazards facing each asset.

Besides these generic modules we also offer specialised add-on modules:

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain add-on enables you to add client and supplier assets to Uptime, giving you a complete view of hazard exposure and risk across your full supply chain, globally and all the time. This add-on is specifically engineered for those looking for complete operational coverage, or seeking insight to improve supply chain planning and resilience.

Monitoring & Warning

The Warning add-on provides monitoring capabilities that alert you when an emerging hazard poses a risk to one or more of your, your suppliers’ or customer mapped assets. When events happen we understand proactive risk mitigation can be extremely challenging and every second of business continuity counts.

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