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What is Uptime?

Uptime is an intuitive hazard intelligence and awareness platform, designed to help organisations with many locations, facilities and assets or complex supply chains anticipate and mitigate the impacts of major environmental and geopolitical hazards.

At its heart, risk is the relationship between exposure, vulnerability, and value. While other solutions offer exposure visibility, Uptime is designed to provide a complete picture of risk – using deep engineering expertise to accurately quantify the vulnerability and value of critical assets.

What’s possible with the Uptime platform?

Uptime is designed for any person or organisation managing or investing in the business continuity of assets and infrastructure, and has three primary applications:

Risk identification and assessment

Uptime enables you to map out all of your assets, and those of your suppliers, helping you immediately understand their historical and current exposure to environmental and other hazards and resulting risk profiles. The platform also helps you understand the impacts of those hazards in a context-specific way and identify which emerging hazards to monitor as they develop.

Improved business continuity

With Uptime, we apply years of deep engineering and asset management expertise to help you build robust hazard response strategies. The platform gives you the insights you need to identify the right preventative actions, ensuring you can build a more resilient business and safeguard continuity throughout your operations.

Future scenario planning

Using a combination of historical and future modelled data, Uptime enables you to plan for potential future hazard and risk scenarios, and assess how well prepared you are for them. The platform provides all of the tools and insights you need to ask ‘what if’ questions about your assets, locations and supply chain – enabling you to avoid disasters before they strike.

Why is Uptime different?

A unique blend of data analytics, engineering expertise and digital technologies

For more than a century, we’ve designed everything from factories and ports to supply chains and traffic flows. That means we have a strong understanding of the risks they’re vulnerable to – and how to mitigate them. With Uptime, we’ve made that best-practice knowledge available on a global scale as a digital service.

Uptime has been designed with diverse user groups in mind. Its intuitive user interface makes it extremely simple to identify risk areas, understand them, and react. It provides the simple, clear information that CXOs need to make fast decisions, while still delivering the depth of insight, visibility and control demanded by subject matter experts.

An intuitive and scalable platform to suit all user needs

A platform built for evolution

Uptime is constantly evolving. We’re working closely with clients and partners to co-create the platform and add new features and analysis options, and continuously engaging new data partners to ensure the platform delivers the most complete view of hazards and their business impact at a local and global level.

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