Uptime White paper

Adding hazard intelligence to your business resilience

Introducing a new way to improve business continuity and safeguard against hazards

Our world and society are changing at an alarming rate. Climate, economic and geopolitical conditions are all constantly shifting – putting unprecedented pressure on increasingly complex global supply chains, locations and asset portfolios. 

Now, multinationals, critical infrastructure operators, investors and insurance companies face a major challenge: safeguarding the assets, locations and people they’re responsible for against the impacts of a multitude of hazards, and ensuring that if the worst does happen, business can continue as usual.

To help, we have created Uptime. Uptime is a new hazard intelligence platform that blends historic, real-time and future modelled data with our deep engineering, asset and hazard expertise to provide clear visibility of hazards and their operational impacts.

Understanding, managing and mitigating the impacts of environmental, weather, climate change and other risks is a difficult task. With Uptime, we’re making our expertise in this field accessible on a global scale, and making it easier for everyone to understand how to become more resilient and improve their business continuity.

Global climate change

Increasing socioeconomic

Geopolitical tensions

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In this white paper, we explore how rapidly shifting global conditions are putting pressure on everyone to create stronger business continuity strategies, and gain deeper insight into the risk profiles of their assets, locations and people.

You’ll find examples of the cascading effects and supply chain risks that can be triggered by even a minor local hazard event – plus practical use cases that clearly show why hazard mitigation should be a part of every organisation’s business resilience strategy today.

Take a look for yourself to discover the purpose and philosophy behind Uptime, and find out how Uptime can help you minimize your downtime.


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